Are you a mobile network operator? Prepare your customers for MiFID! Do you already offer legally compliant recording of your customers' mobile calls? Time has come! That is how you can react to the increasing compliance demands.
Compliance regulations like MiFID II oblige all banks and investment companies as well as a large number of insurance companies to record their communications.

For these enterprises, meeting compliance specifications in a timely manner is absolutely critical for their business. Offer your customers the additional service to have their mobile communications recorded and stored by the mobile network operator directly!


Conclusive recording includes recording sensitive data as well. The protection of this data is a decisive factor in legally compliant recording and has to meet highly individual customer requirements. ASC’s neo recording suite offers you recording solutions for highest standards.

ASC's neo suite has been designed to meet the rigorous requirements of mobile network operator, enabling you to provide recording and quality management as a service to your customers. The true multi-tenant architecture of neo allows you to configure an unlimited number of tenants on one platform. Advanced redundancy and security features, such as tenant-specific encryption, allow you to operate a fully secured high-availability service. And of course, ASC's neo suite is available in cloud-based subscription model, so you can flex up and down as needed.

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