Fulfilling the Requirements of MiFID II
The pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 prompts more and more companies to look for solutions to enable working from home and remotely without having to change familiar processes.

Especially for employees from the financial services industry this is no easy feat as strict regulations regarding recording and archiving of calls apply. Customer consultation used to be impossible from home as the means to record a call were only available at office.

ASC’s Dial-In Recording Service offers a flexible, quickly deployable, uncomplicated and cost-effective solution for employees working from home who would otherwise lack legally compliant recording and archiving of consultation conversations with their existing communication solution.

ASC Dial-In Recording Service

Compliance Recording: Obligations - When Working from Home

  • Documentation obligation
    Encrypted, tamper-proof recording of incoming and outgoing calls (possibility to flexibly start, stop, and pause recordings)
  • Notification obligation
    Notifying customers that the conversation is being recorded (by the consultant or by an automated recorded announcement)
  • Retention obligation
    Retention of the entire communication (archiving period according to applicable financial market directives such as MiFID II & Dodd-Frank)

Compliance Recording when Working from Home

You would like to enable legally compliant recording for employees working from home? ASC Dial-In Recording Service enables your employees to work from home and record calls from any device - fixed-line phone, mobile phone or services of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Unify Circuit, Slack, Snapview, Purpleview, etc. On top of that, ASC offers the possibility to record communication of video conferencing, co-browsing and chat solutions from the leading providers.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Legal compliance
    Recording, encryption, and archiving of consultant calls
  • Mobile
    Location-independent solution
  • Flexible
    Flexibly starting, stopping, and pausing the recording
  • Quick and easy
    Immediate deployment without further ado
  • Efficient search and replay
    Tagging additional data to the recording for efficient search and quick replay
  • Secure
    Redundant, audit-proof solution guarantees legally compliant data storage
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