Fulfilling the Requirements of MiFID II
The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, MiFID II, took full effect on January 3, 2018. It increases transparency in financial markets and protects investors. One section of MiFID II regulates the recording of consultant calls in securities trading. The legislation mandates comprehensive and tamper-proof recording and archiving of all consultant calls regardless of the channel: phone, video call, chat or e-mail.

ASC’s neo recording suite offers innovative recording to meet the most stringent demands. Financial institutions, contact centers and public safety organizations capture, save and archive conversations, screen content and corresponding call-index data. Our systems meet the most demanding technical standards in the industry and offer a wide range of redundancy scenarios to guarantee the highest availability and reliability.


In addition, our portfolio includes a solution designed to satisfy the unique needs of the financial sector: “INSPIRATIONneo for Compliance.” Speech analytics lets you define criteria to filter out all calls possibly violating compliance regulations.

ASC offers its entire portfolio either as on-premise or as a service provider with a cloud solution. The entire solution offers real multi-tenancy and is highly scalable in terms of features and services – giving our customers full flexibility, allowing them to invest as they grow, always leveraging our latest technology.

Your advantages

  • Tamper-proof recording & storing: Encrypting and archiving consultant calls for a minimum of five years
  • Omni-Channel recording: Recording across all communications channels (voice, telepresence, video or chat)
  • Efficient and immediate search-and-replay: Tagging additional call-index data to the recording
  • Highest safety standards: Tenant separate, fail-safe and tamper-proof architecture
  • Minimizing risks: Avoiding penalties by supervisory authority

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