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AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL - Aviation safety

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Aviation control centers are obliged to conclusively record and archive all communication between tower, pilot, and ground staff. This data can then be used to reconstruct events in detail.
When investigating controversial issues, legally admissible recordings of calls and their corresponding additional data such as time and phone numbers as well as radar information can be of great help. ASC's neo recording suite is the perfect solution in this endeavor.

Safe and uninterrupted recording of all calls

  • Record!
    Calls via phone, radio, and radar are captured without interruptions and in an a reliable way.
  • Reconstruct!
    Synchronization by means of a timer allows in-detail reconstruction of events.
  • React immediately!
    Diversified search criteria facilitate finding relevant calls quickly. Our search and replay applications can be used immediately without any specific previous knowledge or extensive trainings thanks to their intuitive design.
  • Retain!
    The sophisticated access and archiving concepts for different media guarantee that all information is saved and archived safely in accordance with legal requirements.

ASC has been registered as supplier with ICAO

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) strives to ensure that local civil aviation policies, operations, and regulations conform to global norms to guarantee safe and reliable aviation worldwide. In the area of air traffic control, ICAO issues recommendations and guidelines on how to administrate and govern airspace and air navigation services. Following a thorough examination in terms of compliance with ICAO’s strict guidelines, ASC has been registered and certified as supplier.

ASC supports EUROCAE
Radio and phone communication in air traffic control is subject to the industry standards and regulations of the European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE). Our neo recording suite has been tailored to comply with these standards and comes with its own corresponding recording solution.
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