New regulations such as MiFID II have a significant impact on corporate and customer communications in the financial industry. Among other things, they stipulate the uninterrupted recording and archiving of all calls dealing with financial and investment advice. Analyzing this data does not only provide valuable insights, but also supports financial service providers in meeting compliance requirements and managing risks.
Compliance Use Cases with Analytics
Compliance Phrase Spotting
  • Automatically spot if the mandatory compliance statements are used
  • Detect deviations
  • List non-compliant calls
  • Categorization of calls according to compliance relevance and automatic archiving
  • Retention period according to a categoryn
Documentation of consultancy calls
  • Transcription of calls for later approval or as an evidence
  • Saves post-processing time for manual documentation
Risk Alerting
  • Automatically filtering through many calls
  • Spot dubious behavior of customers or employees
  • Spot threats of legal action against the organization
  • Real-time for immediate reaction
Fraud Detection
  • Avoid regulatory penalties
  • Early detection of potentially non-compliant processes
  • Automated analysis of 100% of conversations
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