Large amounts of data from different channels accumulate in contact centers everywhere every day. This includes recordings of calls and screen activities, chats, SMS messages and other types of communication. By means of sophisticated analyses, this data gives valuable insight into customer behavior and thus contributes to improving the customer experience, increasing efficiency, and revealing new revenue opportunities and business risks.
Quality Use Cases with Analytics
Improving Agent Skills
  • Automatic selection of sample recordings for training purposes
  • Identification of weaknesses for individual agent training
  • Enhance staff training
  • Sess preparation time for coachings
Taboo Word Spotting
  • Eliminate use of forbidden words
  • Evaluate the use of taboo words, how often they are used, and by whom
Quality Alerting
  • Identify keywords indicating quality issues
  • Immediate notification of management
  • Instant action significantly reduces the risk that the same errors occur again
Quality Reporting
  • Determine and improve service level quality
  • Automatic evaluation and categorization of communication
  • Visualization in dashboards and reports

Process Efficiency Use Cases with Analytics
Reducing Call Volume
  • Reveal and remove the reasons for repeated calls
  • Increase first contact resolution rate
Script Adherence
  • Monitor every call and conversation
  • Accurately and quickly identify script issues
  • Identify script refinement needs
  • Find out how well agents adhere to their call scripts
Efficient Search
  • Find relevant calls within second
  • Eliminate manual search
  • Identify in which recordings did specific words appear and how often did it appear
Speech to Text
  • Convert spoken words into written documents and generate a comprehensive call transcript
  • Quick overview of the content of the conversation
  • Send the document to customers via email

Customer Experience Use Cases with Analytics
Customer Feedback
  • Take customer feedback into account
  • Targeted filtering of customer feedback from all conversations
Trend Spotting
  • Classification of all conversations to recognize trends and hot topics
Preventing Customer Churn
  • Identify topics that affect customer loyalty the most
  • Monitoring and alerting for critical calls for immediate intervention
Emotion Detection
  • Identify critical communication
  • Alerting when emotional signals appear in customer interactions

Sales Use Cases with Analytics
Identify Competitive Advantages
  • Automatic competitive analysis for faster time-to-market
  • Find out what your customers say about your competitors
Identify Sales Potential
  • Find out how often the different offerings are requested by customers
  • Targeted identification of hot topics and threads within communication and promotion of successful sales strategies
Identify Sales Risks
  • Targeted analysis of customer experience, especially for dissatisfied customers
  • Targeted identification of escalations
Topic Detection
  • Identify common topics to derive FAQs, self-service topics etc.
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