In the last years, the number of calls reaching public safety control centers has risen notably. Analysis solutions in the public safety industry increase the efficiency of event assessment and their documentation and allow improving processes. By defining keywords and phrases, users can set up an alarm chain which will issue warnings in real time in the event of crises, threat calls or specific user-defined incidents.
Public Safety Use Cases with Analytics
Threat Call Alert
  • Categorization of calls
  • Real-time alerting of threat calls
Improved Emergency Processes
  • Structured classification according to events
  • Evaluation of the entire processes
Relief for the Dispatcher
  • Text to speech
  • Automated protocol creation
  • Automated completion of forms
  • Save processing time
Fast Prioritization
  • Detection of crises and cluster of topics
  • Automatic prioritization of all conversations
  • Real-time alerting in case of emergencies
Product Information