Consumers' expectations regarding costumer service continue to grow. They expect short waiting times, first-call resolution, and technically competent agents with high communicative competence. To meet these high demands, agents must continuously develop their skills. This requires solutions that determine each agent’s knowledge on an ongoing basis while simultaneously offering convenient training options.


An integrated eLearning solution allows coaching unconstrained by space or time, thus accelerating the trend to virtual contact centers and fostering a constant process of improvement. These solutions provide users with measurable results about each agent’s performance and development as well as suggested actions to improve their skills in a timely and inexpensive manner, without the inconvenience of classroom sessions.

ASC's Training Packages module is designed to deliver educational material directly to an agent’s workplace in a fast and cost-effective way. Individual packages can be composed based on agents’ personal needs. Quizzes may be used to verify the effectiveness of training content, and best-practice sessions can be included for more practical “on-the-job training.”
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