Continuous recording is essential for financial institutions and trading houses. With the latest regulations such as MiFID II and Dodd-Frank, every conversation that may lead to a transaction has to be recorded. As transaction-related customer communication is not allowed if it cannot be preserved for long-term storage, the highest availability of the recording solution across all communication media is mission-critical.


Flexible redundancy options ensure permanent high availability of your customer communications. Recording of all media, including mobile and fixed-line voice as well as video, ensures that all transaction-related communication is captured, no matter when and where they happen. With that, you have the pre-requisites in place to ensure continuous transaction processes.

ASC records all media that your customers use to exchange transaction information, including voice, video, chat and screen. ASC's redundancy concepts enable you to individually select the required level of redundancy. Failover options for servers and sophisticated self-monitoring with automatic restart of software components are part of the ASC neo suite standard feature set.

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