Today, customers do not only use landline telephones to communicate with their financial partners anymore. Rather, depending on what is most convenient in their individual situation, they will use a wide variety of channels such as mobile and fixed-line voice, chat, video or Microsoft Teams meetings to get in touch with their financial service center. Thus, customer communication today is distributed among a variety of channels.


Recording products can no longer focus only on recording landline calls but have to record almost any communication channel within one single system. By adding additional information from CRM systems, transactions can be reconstructed in their entirety even if several different communication channels were involved.

ASC offers omni-channel recording within a single system. Landline, mobile phone, video, PC screen, chat or Microsoft Teams meetings – everything can be recorded simultaneously. Replaying all those different channels in a coherent manner enables you to reconstruct the complete audit trail of a single transaction and clearly indicates what has been said or written at any point in time over any communication channel.

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