Protect your organization against legal liabilities. Identifying all relevant conversations for that one specific transaction is crucial to meet regulatory requirements such as MiFID II and Dodd-Frank. This protects your organization against sanctions across all media – i.e. video, voice, chat etc. – Sustainable, reliable, counterfeit-proof - even many years after the transaction in question.

Tamper-proof recordings and provisioning conversations in standard file formats are necessary prerequisites to be able to restore relevant transactions on short notice in case of disputes. Easy-to-use applications for efficient search and replay enable users to find relevant conversations based on additional meta information with minimum effort. At the same time, sophisticated user rights management ensures that only authorized users access recorded conversations.

ASC’s POWERplay is offered as a client-based and a web-based replay application. While POWERplay Web can be used without installation of additional software from any client PC via standard web browsers, the client-based POWERplay Pro, however, supports you with features like online monitoring and transaction reconstruction. This tool is deemed to be intelligent for its versatile user access rights, a multiple number of individually adjustable tagging fields and export of conversations in standard file formats. Functions like these make the ASC search & replay applications the right choice for you to meet any regulatory requirement with a few mouse clicks.
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